Eidechsspitze Peak

In the green surroundings of the Pfunders Mountains
Demanding hike past Englalm and Kompfossalm huts to Eidechsspitze Peak

Route description – Eidechsspitze Peak

The route to Eidechsspitze Peak: from Terento follow marking no. 2 up to the last farms (approx. 1450 m; up to here also possible by car). Afterwards a medium-inclination, mostly through forest you hike up to Englalm (1826 m, a simple hut; from Terento 2 h); continue on path no. 22 in forest-free and steep terrain up to a hut ruin at Kompfossalm (2181 m); again on path no. 22 up to the eastern ridge of Eidechsspitze Peak and on to the cross at the summit (2738 m; from Englalm Hut 2.30 h).

Tour: Terento – Eidechsspitze Peak

Type of path:: difficult mountain path
Length of tour: 7353 m
Walking time: 4 h 40 m
Difference in altitude ascent: 1533 m

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