Tiefrasten Lake

Tiefrasten Lake and Kompfoss Lake are two, deeply blue alpine lakes. According to a legend instead of Tiefrasten Lake there was a stony area with several huts built on top of it. Dwarves were the owners of the huts, and they worked in the mine of the Dwarf King named Mute. They searched for crystals in the mine and got good money for their hard work. However, after some time the dwarves became more and more dissatisfied. One day, the dwarves found a giant gemstone, which they wanted to keep and sell themselves. Mute found out about the dwarfs’ intention and brought about a giant storm. Water flew down the mountains and the dwarfs could not be saved. Tiefrasten Lake, and Mutenock Peak are still there today.

Tour: Terento – Tiefrasten Lake
Possible stop: Tiefrasten Hut

Type of path: easy alpine path
Length of tour: 7700 m
Walking time: 3 h 10 m
 Difference in altitude ascent: 994 m

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